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21Jul 2014
Clean Your Living Room In Five Simple Steps
Clean Your Living Room In Five Simple StepsWhen it comes to ensuring that your home is looking its best, it is a good idea to have a set way of doing things, to ensure that you are not at risk of doing things in the wrong order, or getting missing parts of the cleaning out. Once the process has been set out in a series of steps, you can start simply following them each time, and you will get quicker and better at it, making the process much less of a pain in the neck. For instance, with the following steps towards cleaning the living room, you know that reaching the end of the process means that the whole room is cleaned, and don’t have to worry about how you have gone about it, or whether you have missed anything. If you can memorize the steps then you will not have to think about it in the long run, and that means that you will be able to get the room cleaned quickly and easily.1.    TidyIf you get the room looking as you want it to in terms of ensuring that everything is in its correct place, then you are already a fair way towards the place looking great. You will find that it can be pretty simple in terms of just putting things that are out away, but it can be difficult to arrange set places for everything, to ensure that there is no chance of things being left out because there is nowhere for them to go. 2.    DustStart up high, and finish low, so that you are never at risk of knocking dust from a higher place onto a lower one that you have already cleaned. You will find that there is a lot to be said for ensuring that the order is kept in place, as it will prevent you from back tracking over things that you have already done and wasting time. Be sure to dust shelves and remove objects that might get in the way so that you can clean properly. 3.    PolishThe areas that have been dusted may well need to be shined up, especially if you have glass and metalware in the house. Do give the windows a wipe down at this point as well, as they can often be neglected, and the dust from step 2 can settle on windows in a way that may not be totally obvious at first. Be sure not to miss anywhere out, including light fittings and door handles that may need a quick shine up.4.    UpholsteryYou will find that dusting downwards means that you knock a lot of dust on to the furniture in the room, so you should only do the furniture after you have done all the dusting. Try to be fairly careful when dealing with the cushions and the like, so that you are not knocking the dust in to the air and letting it settle on the areas that you have already cleaned. You should get a vacuum between the cracks in the sofa, having removed the cushions, but check for larger things like money so that they don’t break the vacuum.5.    Vacuum Vacuum the floor and ensure that the whole floor is covered. You may want to mop it after this if you have a hard floor, but do vacuum first, especially if you have a wood floor, as the debris can scratch the varnish off if not, which leaves unsightly marks.

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