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Customer reviews
     Punctuality is key, and the cleaner displayed that with their timely arrival and efficient work ethic.
Leon Moffat18/12/2023
     Hiring a cleaner couldn't have been easier; their professionalism combined with their congenial attitude made the experience all the more pleasant.
Richard P.13/11/2023
     Exceptional service! The woman who cleaned my flat today went above and beyond expectations - nothing was too much effort for her.
     In the past six months I've used this particular cleaning company which never failed to deliver great satisfaction every single instance! What makes them efficient is how on time they always manage to show up as well as their polite professionalism when taking instructions; there's really no need for making sure that things stay consistent since your orders will be already noted down properly! On top of that, their staff is incredibly likable so trusting them was never a problem either! That being said, it was easy enough for me to recommend them to others who had only positive feedback in return!
C. Bell05/06/2023
     I know how hard it can be to find a great cleaning company, so before you waste any more time, take my advice and go to Waterloo Cleaning Services. I've tried a lot of different cleaning services in the past, but these guys have given me the highest quality of results for the lowest price I've ever seen! Whether it's just one room or the entire house that needs attention, they'll always send round a very professional and experienced team, who all have access to the latest tools and products. Keep it up everyone, a big thanks for my last job!
Sabrina P.21/12/2015
     I am a model, so my schedule is extremely hectic and tiring. I don't want to have to clean my house all the time especially through my jet lag. My boyfriend recommended the cleaners from WaterlooCleaners to me who clean his flat and I couldn't be happier.
Nancy D.01/12/2015
      Cleaning Company Waterloo's service is immaculate and they strive for perfection with each contract renewal. Thank you for treating our home as yours and giving us the kind of service that we were looking for. A special mention goes to the upholstery cleaning which was perfect. They are highly recommended cleaning service providers.
Rodger Murray08/05/2015
     Our oven was getting into a pretty bad state and nothing we did really made an improvement. We couldn't get the grease off the oven good and the blackness on the inside, particularly on the shelves almost seemed unhygienic. Somebody advised us to use WaterlooCleaners's oven cleaners and we are really pleased that we did. Within a couple of hours, the oven was completely clean and good as new and they brought all their own cleaning materials to use, which was included in the price. It didn't cost a lot to bring this company in and they did a very professional job.
Tracy K.14/11/2014
     We know that when a customer walks into our shop, they judge it instantly on how clean and tidy it is, and that has a direct impact on the volume of stock that we shift. We had had many troubles with other cleaning companies around the area, but it wasn't until we found WaterlooCleaners did we know what real cleanliness was. The shop floor was spotless, shelves dusted, even the stock itself was clean and tidy. Can't wait to have them back!
Felicity N.04/09/2014
     I love having a cleaner! Ever since I decided to have one it's been brilliant knowing that in regards to housework if I just don't have time to do it, I can give a quick call to WaterlooCleaners and they'll send someone round to do it for me! I can only say for myself that they have not let me down yet. I often get the same cleaner which is great but all the cleaners (three) I've used have been so good I don't think it matters to be honest. Well done to whoever trains them because they do a really good job. It just makes it so good to use this company.
     After waking up at 4am every morning to go to work, all I want to do when I get home is go to bed. Even on my days off I feel like I'm wasting my free time cleaning when I could be doing something I actually enjoy. Unfortunately my house did need cleaning regardless of whether I wanted to do it or not so I remembered the number of my friends cleaning company, WaterlooCleaners and rang them to arrange a time for them to come over. It was great, they do a much better job than I can and I still get my free time.
Lisa Wood16/07/2014
     I'm a collector of many different things, from old sport memorabilia, to paintings, books and more. This means my house is full of thins and I struggle to find places to put everything. This resulted in my home becoming every cluttered and all my things becoming mixed up. I couldn't feel happy there and all of my things were hard to find. I called WaterlooCleaners to see if they could help and they certainly did. Their cleaner helped me sort my thing and neaten everything out. They also dusted, polished. Vacuumed and more, so now my things are all ordered and everything is spotless.
Anderson Williams20/06/2014
     I wanted my carpets reviving and decided to hire a cleaning firm that my brother had told me about. My carpets were excellent quality and had been down for a while, but as I didn't want the extravagance of buying new I chose to have them cleaned by a specialist. WaterlooCleaners were brilliant, they used effective techniques to scrupulously clean my old carpets. They looked so clean and bright when the team had finished. The whole house smells fresh and clean from having this work done. I would definitely recommend this highly trustworthy firm, they were great from start to finish, great work.
Kerry Holmes26/05/2014
     Just a quick note to say that I hired WaterlooCleaners over the weekend and what they did was awesome so I thought I'd share my views for anyone else who may be thinking about hiring a cleaning company. This company do not judge at all so there is no need to worry about that, they are very helpful, very friendly and they do a brilliant job. You can have as much cleaning or as little cleaning done as you like, I went for a whole top to bottom job, because it needed it, but if you only want a kitchen or carpet done, they will do that, they do exactly what you ask for, very affordable!
     I am a landlady of a couple of small properties in the area and whenever my tenants are moving in or moving out I use WaterlooCleaners for a full house clean. I have obviously come across a few different services over the years and they are by far the best. I know what all of the companies charge and how thoroughly they clean and these cleaners are the only team that never cuts corners whilst charging a very reasonable price. I would not consider going anywhere else for my cleaning requirements, highly recommend them to all fellow landlords out there.
Sally Washington08/04/2014
     We were in dire need of finding someone to clean our flat, and quick as well. After talking to quite a few different cleaners, only one company filled us with confidence. Not only were the services which they had on offer right for us, but the price they were offered at was perfect. We quickly said yes, and in no time at all, WaterlooCleaners had come around to our place and cleaned it to within an inch of its life. I've never known a cleaner home, and it was all done in the window of time which we needed.
Anne Smith19/03/2014
     Even if I didn't work the hours that I do, I'd probably still find excuses to ignore all the cleaning in my house! I've never been one for cleaning but I do love having a clean home, and WaterlooCleaners were able to answer my prayers with their great professional cleaning services! I hired a cleaner from them to save me from my unsanitary home, and it really was an excellent decision for me! I get the best of both worlds now - a clean house without having to put in any effort! This company gives great customer service and is pretty cheap too!