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18Jun 2015
5 Tips to make your Upholstery the Envy of Every Visitor
5 Tips to make your Upholstery the Envy of Every Visitor

Furniture will always eventually become a little dull and lifeless over time and the only way to spruce it up again is to give it a good old fashioned cleaning service. These five simple tips will ensure that your upholstery will turn neighbours faces green with envy.

1. Tackling Spills
The best way to clean a spill is to tackle it as soon as possible. Accidents happen whether we like want them too or not but there is no point ‘crying over spilt milk’. The reason why spills must be attended to immediately is to avoid the substance soaking deeper into the fabric or wood. Work from the outside towards the middle of the stain to prevent it getting any larger. Use a simple white dish cloth and blotting motions instead of insistent scrubbing which could actually set the stain further into your upholstery.

2. Vacuuming
House cleaning isn’t complete without a good vacuuming. Many vacuums come with multiple nozzle attachments and one of these is usually designed for upholstery. Use this one to vacuum your sofas, allowing you to get to all of those tight cushiony crevasses that would be otherwise impossible to reach. Removing pet hair from furniture can be slightly trickier. Use a brush nozzle dedicated to this particular area of domestic cleaning and watch as all of the pet hairs are instantly lifted.

3. Cleaning Products
Upholstery cleaning products are easy to find in stores but before you use a product on your precious furniture, make sure that you read the upholstery’s manufacturer care label which will let you know the type of cleaning method that is best suited to the said piece of furniture. Once you are sure that the cleaning product is safe to use, test it on a sample area before using it on the entire thing. The best way to test such products is to find a hidden area, it could be in the back corner or behind a cushion, wherever you choose make sure it is a place that isn’t easily seen. Press the solution with a cloth for 30 seconds and once you can be sure there is no colour transfer occurring, you can use the product anywhere on the furniture that you carried the test on.

4. Cleaning Methods
When using cleaning products filled with various chemicals it is a good idea to avoid wetting your furniture too much with it. Applying too much to a stain will only spread it, making it even more unsightly. Blot it with clean water afterwards and wait for it to dry. An upholstery brush may come in handy to lift bits of lint and dirt which may have fallen on your furniture. Do this regularly to maintain a clean house. Always blot stains and never scrub unless the instructions on your cleaning product says otherwise. White cloths or paper towels work best as cleaning tools because neither will leave a harsh colour stain on your belongings.

5. Professional Cleaning
If you would rather have your upholstery stains removed by a cleaning company you can easily do so. This is a great option if you want the best results possible as a cleaning service will guarantee your upholstery will make all the neighbours and visitors to your home feeling a little green with envy. You can ask your friends and family for their recommended services and sit back and relax as the professionals tackle the stains so you don’t have to.

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