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13Mar 2014
How Often Should We Do A Spring Clean At Home
How Often Should We Do A Spring Clean At Home

Having a nice fresh and clean home is something that most people desire, it’s not only good for the appearance of your home but also good for the way we feel mentally. There is usually a love hate relationship with spring cleaning, as much as we hate doing it at the time, we usually love the results afterwards, and it makes it all worthwhile.

If you are currently renting your accommodation from a private landlord its extremely important they you do stay on top of the cleaning duties so that you do not have much work to do, at the end of the tenancy. Failing to leave private rental accommodation in a clean and tidy condition could lead to a loss on the deposit you paid at the start.

Spring cleaning does not cost much money, and when you look at how beneficial it is for our home and for us, you see that it’s well worth the effort and price.

Some people will opt to hire domestic agency cleaners to help with a spring clean at home because not only are they extremely effective at doing it, they also do the job much quicker too. If you do not have time to do a regular spring clean at home, then this is the ideal solution for you!

Domestic cleaning agencies are on hand to assist or manage all household chores from generally weekly duties such as vacuuming and ordinary cleaning around the home to special requests like carpet and upholstery cleaning, so whatever you desire, there is something for everyone!

To stay on top of household duties you may wish to make a workload rota, noting down specific requirements and when they should addressed. Not everything has to be done every week, some things only have to be done once every so often but at least you have a plan of action by following a rota.

For more help, follow our easy guide!

Weekly jobs!

All general household duties such as vacuuming, washing, ironing etc can be done anytime as long as it’s done within a week, this will help to keep the workload at bay.

Fortnightly jobs!

You may wish to add an extra job requirement for each fortnight, this could a major clean of the kitchen or bathroom and you may want to alternate that every two weeks.

Monthly jobs!

Every month you may want to address another chore that is not done as regularly as others, such as organising and sorting out things, like a kid’s bedroom or a home office, as things do tend to build up within a month, when left.

6 months!

Depending on where you live windows may need cleaning every 6 months of even sooner, you may wish to think about carpet and upholstery cleaning at this stage too and at some point within 6 months it is a good idea to do a whole spring clean of the property, don’t worry though! If the rota has been followed it should not be that difficult for you, most areas of the home should be looking in good shape by now.


Yearly may require a little more than a clean; you may wish to freshen up walls and skirting boards by now with a fresh coat of paint. You may decide that your house is in need of a thorough deep clean? The good thing is, if you feel that you cannot manage a deep clean, due to health problems or other commitments you could hire a cleaning agency for this and that way you cut costs by only having to pay for this service, once per year!